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Works with TestTrack 2009 and earlier

A common request of Technical Support is how to show Test Runs and only the defects created by that Test Run. The following is an example of a new TestTrack report template that provides this information.


Download the TestRunDefectReport zip file.

  • TestRunDefectReport.xslt – Report stylesheet to be placed in the TestTrack/StyleSheets/Detail folder on the TestTrack server.
  • TestRunDefectReportTemplate.xslt – Report stylesheet to be placed in the TestTrack/StyleSheets/Detail/Templates folder on the TestTrack server.
  • The TestTrack Project Options Reports->Stylesheets will determine when the template is available to users.

Using The StyleSheet

Figure 1 – Creating A Report

When the files have been installed on the server and identified by TestTrack, it will be available to all users. Create a Detail report that contains Test Runs. On the Options tab, select the Stylesheet TestRunDefectReport.xslt. Make any additional changes to the report Filter or Sorting Options as desired.

Save, run, and/or preview the report and edit as desired.

By default, the report will show all Test Runs. Only Test Runs with Defects linked to them will have the Defect information displayed. To show only the Test Runs with linked Defects, use a Filter where the ‘Has A Defect From A Test Run’ restriction is true.

Figure 2 – Report StyleSheet Example

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