TestTrack RM 2012.0 includes updated templates that can be used to export requirement documents to Microsoft Word format. New bookmarks were added to the default templates to allow additional requirement document information, such as status and snapshot history, to be included. When requirement documents are exported, the following bookmarks are replaced with the information from the document.

  • MWE_TEST_TRACK_RMDOC_NAME—Replaced with the value in the requirement document Name field
  • MWE_TEST_TRACK_RMDOC_DESCRIPTION—Replaced with the value in the requirement document Description field
  • MWE_TEST_TRACK_RMDOC_STATUS—Replaced with the current workflow state the requirement document is in
  • MWE_TEST_TRACK_RMDOC_SNAPSHOT_VERSION—Replaced with the snapshot number and label
  • MWE_TEST_TRACK_RMDOC_SNAPSHOT_HISTORY—Replaced with a table that displays information from the requirement document Snapshots tab including the snapshot number, Created By, Created Date, Label, and Comment

To see how these new bookmarks work, you can export a requirement document using any of the default templates installed in your Seapine/TestTrack/templates directory.  If you use a customized Word template for your requirement document exports, you can manually add these bookmarks to your existing template wherever you want the corresponding information to be included.

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