April Blog Recap

talks about News & Events on April 30, 2012

There were many updates to our blog in April. Here is our monthly recap:

Practical Test Case Automation with Seapine ALM 2012Seapine ALM 2012 includes a number of new ways for testers to work with automated test cases with enhanced integration between TestTrack TCM and QA Wizard Pro. This post explains three different scenarios for automating and managing test cases using these solutions.

Webinar Recordings: Tracking Metrics with Calculated Fields and Scoring with Calculated Fields in TestTrack 2012—The last two webinars in a three-part series, these videos include presentations and demonstrations on using calculated fields in TestTrack.

Stuff Breaks…and We Need to Test for It—Peter Varhol discusses stress testing with QA Wizard Pro.

Test Automation with Seapine QA Wizard Pro Gives 5one a Real-Time Advantage—Learn why 5One decided to implement QA Wizard Pro for automated testing, and how they now meet their testing requirements within the timeframe required to deliver updates to customers.

Info-Tech Research Group Positions Seapine as a Test Management Champion in the Software Test Management Vendor Landscape—Find out why TestTrack was cited as an exemplary performer in both workflow customization and ALM integration.

Ease into Automation with QA Wizard Pro + TestTrack—Learn how you can now create good test cases faster by combining QA Wizard Pro and TestTrack.

Supporting Multiple Work Flows in TestTrack—Learn how to use multiple workflows in a single TestTrack project.

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