TestTrack folders can help you manage products, releases, iterations, backlogs, and teams more effectively. You can create a hierarchical folder structure to visually represent and manage any segment of a project. Here are some tips and links to online help for getting started with folders:

  • To work with folders, choose View > Folders. From the Folders list window, you can manage existing folders and items in them, and create new folders. See Using the Folders list window.
  • Folders can be public or private. Public folders can be accessed by other users and are helpful for organizing items for your team. Access to public folders can be limited to specific security groups. Private folders cannot be accessed by other users and are helpful for organizing items related to your work. See Adding folders.
  • A folder can contain any combination of issues, requirements, requirement documents, test cases, and test runs. An item can also be added to multiple folders. Adding items to a folder tags a group of related items, which is useful for reporting and filtering on items of different types. See Adding items to folders.
  • You may also be able to create different folder types to control the appearance of folders and the type of data displayed for a group of folders. See Adding folder types.
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